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IKOSATEC Gesellschaft für Protein-Engineering mbH is a biotech company located in D-20146 Hamburg, Grindelallee 117.

IKOSATEC has been founded in 2000. Its laboratory facilities are located at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Hamburg.

IKOSATEC is a biotechnological company specialized in the DISCOVERY of LEAD COMPOUNDS including target identification and evaluation, assay development, high throughput screening, and lead structure verification and characterization.

IKOSATEC is a potent partner for the identification and development of lead compounds as a basis for rational drug design and crop protection.


IKOSATEC´s services include:

  • gene design, gene cloning and protein biophysics/biochemistry for the optimization of proteins for special purpose.

  • protein/genetic engineering & strain development

  • fast and flexible aerobic/anaerobic custom (bulk) production of proteins and peptides

  • labelling of proteins, peptides and small molecules

  • consulting


phone: 0049-40-428384359 (hamburg)  -  0049-89-3204456 (garching)  -  mobile: 0049-170-2208573 (prof. fischer)  -  0049-171-2890134 (prof. bacher)  -  FAX: 0049-40-428384342 (hamburg)