IKOSATEC develop rapid, sensitive and robust assays for the screening of library of any desired size using advanced techniques for gene synthesis, gene expression, protein purification and protein engineering in the broadest sense. IKOSATEC is using its experience in gene design, gene cloning and protein biophysics/biochemistry for the optimization of proteins for special purposes, especially for use in efficient and robust high throughput screening. HTS of large chemical libraries requires substantial amount of substrates in the millimol range that are not always available from commercial sources or by chemical synthesis. Subsequent to primary screens, IKOSATEC provides hit validation using the same screening technology as used in the primary screen and/or additional secondary screens specifically designed for maximum robustness. With the purpose of harnessing the powerful NMR techniques that have emerged for the study of protein/protein and protein/ligand interaction, IKOSATEC is specialized in the labelling of target proteins with 13C, 15N and/or 2H in any desired combination. IKOSATEC has extensive experience in the design, synthesis and cloning of genes for protein targets that are not easily optained. IKOSATEC is equipped for and experienced in the purification of proteins with a special emphasis but not limited on oxygen-sensitive targets. IKOSATEC optimizes host strains and fermentation conditions for high yield expression. IKOSATECīs technology for the preparation of small molecules enables the introduction of stable isotopes or radioisotopes, affording totally labelled or selectively labelled probes. IKOSATEC provides designer peptides using molecular biology methods in conjunction with the most advanced partial proteolysis technology using highly specific proteases. This technique enables the selective isotope labelling of peptides. IKOSATEC has ample experience in the optimization of gene expression using a variety of vector and hostsystems. IKOSATEC is a biotechnological company specialized in the DISCOVERY of LEAD COMPOUNDS including target identification and evaluation, assay development, high throughput screening, and lead structure verification and characterization. IKOSATECīs high throughput assays are typically monitored by optical methods for maximum possible speed and efficiency. Optical detection techniques include but are not limited to absorption, fluorescence, fluorescence polarization and luminescence. IKOSATEC provides designer proteins using molecular biology methods. IKOSATECīs services includes gene design or gene cloning and protein biochemistry for the optimization of proteins for any purpose.



IKOSATEC has ample experience in the optimization of gene expression using a variety of vector and hostsystems.



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