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High throughput screening (HTS) is a powerful technology for identification of lead compounds in the pharmaceutical and crop protection industries. It involves biochemical and cell-based assays with large numbers of organic compounds of synthetic or natural origin.

IKOSATEC provides state-of-the-art protein production and large scale substrate synthesis units.

IKOSATECīs services include: gene synthesis, generating expression constructs, expression optimization, small-scale or large scale expression/isolation of proteins under aerobic or anaerobic conditions, and enzyme assisted synthesis of substrate that are not readily accessible by organic synthesis.

IKOSATEC assists customers in the design and development of HTS assays and the interpretation of data obtained.


Lists of recent publications of the founders of IKOSATEC – Prof. Dr. Dr. Adelbert Bacher and Prof. Dr. Markus Fischer - are available on request.


phone: 0049-40-428384359 (hamburg)  -  0049-89-3204456 (garching)  -  mobile: 0049-170-2208573 (prof. fischer)  -  0049-171-2890134 (prof. bacher)  -  FAX: 0049-40-428384342 (hamburg)